Root Canal Treatment

Within the walls of each tooth, a strand of dental pulp – the substance that supplies the tooth with nerves, nutrients, connective tissue and blood vessels – laces downward into the root. If the dental pulp becomes diseased, the pulp can die, cutting off the nutrients and nerve signals which the tooth needs to be healthy.

Root Canal Therapy becomes necessary when this pulp becomes inflamed or infected, which can be caused by any number of reasons including:

  • Deep decay
  • Multiple procedures on the tooth
  • Trauma, or
  • Fracture lines (cracks)

In most cases, the root canal procedure is a simple treatment that involves little to no patient discomfort.  It allows the dentist to remove the pulp, clean the canal and seal the tooth, effectively protecting and saving the tooth.

After an opening is created through the crown of the tooth into the dental pulp chamber, the pulp is removed, the canal is cleaned, shaped, and disinfected and the pulp chamber is permanently filled.

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